I am finally open for commissions and will be doing custom gel pen illustrations! Are you interested in a unique illustration of you, a friend/loved one, or even your pet? I can draw your favorite outfit, hairstyle, or even a stylish character.  These all make for perfect gel pen illustrations! I love drawing fashionable characters and bringing them to life with gel pens.

I am reopening commissions to help with the hefty costs of wisdom teeth surgery, as well as making student loan payments during these rough times. I deeply appreciate any help I can get and thank you in advance for your support! Each illustration will also come with a small surprise as a token of my gratitude.


If you are interested in commissioning me please check out the options below. Please make sure to also read my terms and conditions before contacting me.

Portrait - $40

- 6”x6” illustration on watercolor paper

- White background only

- Single character/pet headshot illustration

- Your choice of theme (i.e. stars, floral, leaves)

- Additional illustrations $20 each

Full Body Pet - $60

- 5”x7” illustration on watercolor paper

- White background only

- Single pet/animal illustration

- Additional illustrations $40 each

Half Body Character & Pet - $80

- 8”x10” illustration on watercolor paper

- White background only

- 1 Animal + 1 character from waist up illustration

- Additional illustrations $60 each

Full Body Character - $100

- 8”x10” illustration on watercolor paper

- White background only

- Single character illustration

- Additional illustrations $80 each

How to order:


To order a commission, send me an email at ashleyodellart@gmail.com, or fill out the form below.

Please provide the following information in your email:



-PayPal email

-Country (to calculate shipping costs)

-Type of commission (Portrait, Full Body Pet, Full Body Character)

-Number of illustrations

-Character/Animal description

-Visual reference images of person/animal, character, outfits, etc.

-Any other specific details you would like me to keep in mind (pose, hairstyle, expression, color palette, etc.)




1. Email me to discuss details of what exactly you are looking for. Details can be as specific as you want or even as simple as                giving me a few keywords or theme to work off of. Please make sure to include any reference photos that are relevant to your          commission. Helpful images include full-bodied and reasonably lit photos of a person or character, poses, outfits, patterns,            etc. For pets please include full body photos, preferably with multiple angles, as well as a description of their                                            personalities/unique markings.

2. Once we have worked out details and I have received reference images I will proceed to sketch your order. I will provide you               with a couple rough digital sketches to choose from.


3. After you select a sketch, I will then do a quick color mockup so you have an idea of what to expect from the finished                             illustration. This would be a good time to let me know if you'd like me to make any changes (i.e. small tweaks, color changes). I         am pretty reasonable with revisions, I want to make sure you are 100% happy with it! Please note: Once I have moved onto the       final stage I will NOT make anymore changes.

4. When you are completely satisfied with the sketch I will send you a PayPal invoice. Your order must be payed in the full amount       before I continue onto the final illustration. Once payment has been received, completion may take approximately 2-4 weeks,         depending on my schedule. I will provide regular updates if I run into any problems.

5. Once finished, you can expect your illustration to arrive in 1-2 weeks!


-Limited slots available, they are first come first served.

-I accept payment in USD through Paypal only. Prices include Paypal fees/domestic shipping costs.

-International orders may have additional fees to cover PayPal fees and shipping costs.

-Payment is expected within one week once the invoice has been sent. I will not proceed to the final version until I have                  received full payment.

-If I do not receive payment in that time and have not been contacted about the delay, I will consider the order cancelled.

-I maintain the right to decline a commission, if it makes me feel uncomfortable, is too complex, or for any other reason.

-Commissions are for personal use only. You are not permitted to sell, redistribute, or profit from my artwork in any way.

-I will share the commission on my website/social media unless otherwise requested. Feel free to send me your social media      handle if you would like to be tagged!

-You may share your commission anywhere as long as you give proper credit to me.

-If you would like the commission done by a specific deadline please tell me in advance, otherwise turnaround time may be            anywhere from two weeks to one month.

-You are more than welcome to message me regarding the status of your commission, but please remember that traditional        art does take time. So please be patient with me as I want it to look as nice as possible!

Unable to commission me but would still like to support me? Consider donating to my TipJar or buying a print instead! 

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